Integrable Probability Focused Research Group (NSF Grant 2017-2020)

Integrable Probability Focused Research Group (NSF Grant 2017-2020)

Principal Investigators


  • [May 16, 2019] 1905.06940 [math.PR]

    Christophe Garban, Nina Holden, Avelio Sepúlveda, Xin Sun, “Liouville dynamical percolation” (arXiv)

  • [May 16, 2019] 1905.06815 [math.PR]

    Alexey Bufetov, Matteo Mucciconi, Leonid Petrov, “Yang-Baxter random fields and stochastic vertex models” (arXiv)

  • [May 16, 2019] 1905.06757 [math.PR]

    Ewain Gwynne, Nina Holden, Xin Sun, “Joint scaling limit of site percolation on random triangulations in the metric and peanosphere sense” (arXiv)

  • [May 14, 2019] 1905.05340 [math.ST]

    Promit Ghosal, Bodhisattva Sen, “Multivariate Ranks and Quantiles using Optimal Transportation and Applications to Goodness-of-fit Testing” (arXiv)

  • [May 12, 2019] 1905.04692 [math.PR]

    Alexei Borodin, Alexey Bufetov, “Color-position symmetry in interacting particle systems” (arXiv)

  • [May 8, 2019] 1905.03317 [math.PR]

    Benjamin Landon, Philippe Sosoe, “Fluctuations of the overlap at low temperature in the 2-spin spherical SK model” (arXiv)

  • [May 8, 2019] 1905.02987 [math.PR]

    Zhipeng Liu, Axel Saenz, Dong Wang, “Integral formulas of ASEP and $q$-TAZRP on a Ring” (arXiv)

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