Integrable Probability Focused Research Group (NSF Grant 2017-2020)

Integrable Probability Focused Research Group (NSF Grant 2017-2020)

Principal Investigators


  • [August 23, 2017] 1708.07052 [math.PR]

    Stefano Olla, Li-Cheng Tsai, “Exceedingly Large Deviations of the Totally Asymmetric Exclusion Process” (arXiv)

  • [August 19, 2017] 1708.05806 [math.PR]

    Michael Damron, Leonid Petrov, David Sivakoff, “Coarsening model on $\mathbb{Z}^d$ with biased zero-energy flips and an exponential large deviation bound for ASEP” (arXiv)

  • [July 17, 2017] 1707.05386 [math.PR]

    Wei-Kuo Chen, David Gamarnik, Dmitry Panchenko, Mustazee Rahman, “Suboptimality of local algorithms for a class of max-cut problems” (arXiv)

  • [July 6, 2017] 1707.01923 [math.PR]

    Jinho Baik, Guillaume Barraquand, Ivan Corwin, Toufic Suidan, “Facilitated exclusion process” (arXiv)

  • [July 4, 2017] 1707.01084 [math.CA]

    Andrew Ahn, William Clark, Shahaf Nitzan, Joseph Sullivan, “Density of Gabor Systems Via the Short Time Fourier Transform” (arXiv)

  • [June 22, 2017] 1706.07393 [math.PR]

    Vadim Gorin, Adam W. Marcus, “Crystallization of random matrix orbits” (arXiv)

  • [May 29, 2017] 1705.10017 [math.PR]

    Amir Dembo, Li-Cheng Tsai, “The Criticality of a Randomly-Driven Front” (arXiv)

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