All publications by FRG participants since January 2017

(tag NSF_FRG = acknowledges the FRG grant support)

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  1. [September 12, 2023]   NSF_FRG   2309.05970 [math.PR]

    Amol Aggarwal, Alexei Borodin, Michael Wheeler, “Coloured corner processes from asymptotics of LLT polynomials” (arXiv)

  2. [September 10, 2023]     2309.05177 [math.PR]

    Xin Sun, Pu Yu, “SLE partition functions via conformal welding of random surfaces” (arXiv)

  3. [September 10, 2023]     2309.05050 [math.PR]

    Pierre Nolin, Wei Qian, Xin Sun, Zijie Zhuang, “Backbone exponent for two-dimensional percolation” (arXiv)

  4. [September 6, 2023]     2309.02865 [math.PR]

    Roger Van Peski, “What is a $p$-adic Dyson Brownian motion?” (arXiv)

  5. [August 31, 2023]     2308.16812 [math.PR]

    Benjamin Landon, Philippe Sosoe, “Tail estimates for the stationary stochastic six vertex model and ASEP” (arXiv)

  6. [August 22, 2023]     2308.11908 [math.PR]

    Amol Aggarwal, Jiaoyang Huang, “Strong Characterization for the Airy Line Ensemble” (arXiv)

  7. [August 10, 2023]     2308.05372 [math.PR]

    Jhih-Huang Li, Axel Saenz, “Contour Integral Formulas for PushASEP on the Ring” (arXiv)

  8. [August 8, 2023]     2308.04318 [math.PR]

    Amol Aggarwal, Jiaoyang Huang, “Local Statistics and Concentration for Non-intersecting Brownian Bridges With Smooth Boundary Data” (arXiv)

  9. [August 8, 2023]     2308.04236 [math.PR]

    Amol Aggarwal, Jiaoyang Huang, “Edge Rigidity of Dyson Brownian Motion with General Initial Data” (arXiv)

  10. [July 20, 2023]     2307.11295 [math.OA]

    Sayan Das, “Peripheral Poisson boundaries and jointly bi-harmonic functions” (arXiv)

  11. [July 20, 2023]     2307.11217 [math.CA]

    Ahmad Barhoumi, Oleg Lisovyy, Peter D. Miller, Andrei Prokhorov, “Painlevé-III Monodromy Maps Under the $D_6\to D_8$ Confluence and Applications to the Large-Parameter Asymptotics of Rational Solutions” (arXiv)

  12. [July 20, 2023]     2307.10889 [math.PR]

    Shalin Parekh, “A nonlinear Strassen law for singular SPDEs” (arXiv)

  13. [July 3, 2023]     2307.01179 [math.PR]

    Sayan Das, Yuchen Liao, Matteo Mucciconi, “Large deviations for the $q$-deformed polynuclear growth” (arXiv)

  14. [June 29, 2023]     2306.17060 [math.PR]

    Ivan Corwin, “Francis Comets’ Gumbel last passage percolation” (arXiv)

  15. [June 12, 2023]     2306.07482 [math.PR]

    Tomas Berggren, Alexei Borodin, “Geometry of the doubly periodic Aztec dimer model” (arXiv)

  16. [June 9, 2023]     2306.05983 [math.PR]

    Guillaume Barraquand, Ivan Corwin, Zongrui Yang, “Stationary measures for integrable polymers on a strip” (arXiv)

  17. [June 8, 2023]     2306.05166 [math.PR]

    Hao Shen, Rongchan Zhu, Xiangchan Zhu, “Large $N$ limit and $1/N$ expansion of invariant observables in $O(N)$ linear $σ$-model via SPDE” (arXiv)

  18. [May 31, 2023]     2305.19966 [math.PR]

    Yier Lin, “Multi-point Lyapunov exponents of the Stochastic Heat Equation” (arXiv)

  19. [May 29, 2023]     2305.18266 [math.PR]

    Morris Ang, Guillaume Remy, Xin Sun, Tunan Zhu, “Derivation of all structure constants for boundary Liouville CFT” (arXiv)

  20. [May 28, 2023]   NSF_FRG   2305.17747 [math.PR]

    Svetlana Gavrilova, Leonid Petrov, “Tilted biorthogonal ensembles, Grothendieck random partitions, and determinantal tests” (arXiv)

  21. [May 27, 2023]     2305.17602 [math.PR]

    Jeffrey Kuan, Zhengye Zhou, “Dualities of Dynamic Stochastic Higher Spin Vertex Models through Drinfeld Twister” (arXiv)

  22. [May 27, 2023]     2305.19156 [math.QA]

    Jeffrey Kuan, “An explicit central element of $\mathcal{U}_q(\mathfrak{so}_5)$ and its corresponding quantum Hamiltonian” (arXiv)

  23. [May 23, 2023]     2305.14076 [math.ST]

    Tianle Liu, Promit Ghosal, Krishnakumar Balasubramanian, Natesh S. Pillai, “Towards Understanding the Dynamics of Gaussian-Stein Variational Gradient Descent” (arXiv)

  24. [May 22, 2023]   NSF_FRG   2305.13231 [math.GR]

    Anna Erschler, Josh Frisch, Mark Rychnovsky, “Poisson Boundary for Upper-Triangular Groups” (arXiv)

  25. [May 5, 2023]     2305.03723 [math.PR]

    Evgeni Dimitrov, Christian Serio, “Uniform convergence of Dyson Ferrari-Spohn diffusions to the Airy line ensemble” (arXiv)

  26. [April 29, 2023]     2305.00321 [math.PR]

    Jeffrey Kuan, Zhengye Zhou, “Asymptotics of two-point correlations in the multi-species q-TAZRP” (arXiv)

  27. [April 27, 2023]     2304.14380 [math.PR]

    Yier Lin, Li-Cheng Tsai, “Spacetime limit shapes of the KPZ equation in the upper tails” (arXiv)

  28. [April 27, 2023]     2304.14375 [math.PR]

    Li-Cheng Tsai, “High moments of the SHE in the clustering regimes” (arXiv)

  29. [April 27, 2023]     2304.14279 [math.PR]

    Sayan Das, Hindy Drillick, Shalin Parekh, “KPZ equation limit of sticky Brownian motion” (arXiv)

  30. [April 8, 2023]     2304.04089 [math.PR]

    Cesar Cuenca, Maciej Dołęga, Alexander Moll, “Universality of global asymptotics of Jack-deformed random Young diagrams at varying temperatures” (arXiv)

  31. [April 2, 2023]     2304.00707 [math.PR]

    Krishnakumar Balasubramanian, Promit Ghosal, Ye He, “High-dimensional scaling limits and fluctuations of online least-squares SGD with smooth covariance” (arXiv)

  32. [March 28, 2023]     2303.16063 [math.PR]

    Promit Ghosal, Jaeyun Yi, “Fractal geometry of the PAM in 2D and 3D with white noise potential” (arXiv)

  33. [March 17, 2023]     2303.10245 [math.PR]

    Paolo Grazieschi, Konstantin Matetski, Hendrik Weber, “Martingale-driven integrals and singular SPDEs” (arXiv)

  34. [March 17, 2023]     2303.10242 [math.PR]

    Paolo Grazieschi, Konstantin Matetski, Hendrik Weber, “The dynamical Ising-Kac model in 3D converges to $Φ^4_3$” (arXiv)

  35. [March 17, 2023]     2303.10045 [math-ph]

    Tomas Berggren, Matthew Nicoletti, Marianna Russkikh, “Perfect t-embeddings of uniformly weighted Aztec diamonds and tower graphs” (arXiv)

  36. [March 4, 2023]   NSF_FRG   2303.02380 [math.PR]

    Leonid Petrov, Mikhail Tikhonov, “Asymptotics of noncolliding q-exchangeable random walks” (arXiv)

  37. [February 23, 2023]     2302.12160 [math.PR]

    Ilya Chevyrev, Hao Shen, “Invariant measure and universality of the 2D Yang-Mills Langevin dynamic” (arXiv)

  38. [February 19, 2023]     2302.09727 [math.ST]

    Bhavya Agrawalla, Krishnakumar Balasubramanian, Promit Ghosal, “High-dimensional Central Limit Theorems for Linear Functionals of Online Least-Squares SGD” (arXiv)

  39. [January 31, 2023]     2301.13739 [math.PR]

    Konstantin Matetski, Daniel Remenik, “Exact solution of TASEP and variants with inhomogeneous speeds and memory lengths” (arXiv)

  40. [January 22, 2023]     2301.09260 [math.CO]

    Konstantin Matveev, “Stochastic six-vertex models, Hall-Littlewood positivity and $t$-deformed Schensted insertions” (arXiv)

  41. [January 16, 2023]     2301.06500 [math.CO]

    Konstantin Matveev, Yuchen Wei, “Factorization of certain Macdonald Littlewood-Richardson coefficients” (arXiv)

  42. [January 11, 2023]     2301.04689 [math.PR]

    Guillaume Barraquand, Oriane Blondel, Marielle Simon, “Weakly asymmetric facilitated exclusion process” (arXiv)

  43. [January 2, 2023]     2301.00547 [math.PR]

    Xuan Wu, “The KPZ equation and the directed landscape” (arXiv)

  44. [December 19, 2022]   NSF_FRG   2212.09905 [math.PR]

    Hindy Drillick, Yier Lin, “Strong law of large numbers for the stochastic six vertex model” (arXiv)

  45. [December 15, 2022]     2212.08248 [math.PR]

    Shalin Parekh, “Ergodicity results for the open KPZ equation” (arXiv)

  46. [December 14, 2022]   NSF_FRG   2212.07349 [math.PR]

    Guillaume Barraquand, Ivan Corwin, “Markov duality and Bethe ansatz formula for half-line open ASEP” (arXiv)

  47. [December 13, 2022]   NSF_FRG   2212.06806 [math.PR]

    Ivan Corwin, Milind Hegde, “The lower tail of $q$-pushTASEP” (arXiv)

  48. [December 12, 2022]     2212.06000 [math.OC]

    Promit Ghosal, Marcel Nutz, “On the Convergence Rate of Sinkhorn’s Algorithm” (arXiv)

  49. [December 3, 2022]   NSF_FRG   2212.01643 [math.PR]

    Leonid Petrov, Axel Saenz, “Rewriting History in Integrable Stochastic Particle Systems” (arXiv)

  50. [November 8, 2022]     2211.04580 [math.PR]

    Morris Ang, Xin Sun, Pu Yu, “Quantum triangles and imaginary geometry flow lines” (arXiv)

  51. [November 8, 2022]     2211.04466 [math.PR]

    Alisa Knizel, Konstantin Matetski, “The strong Feller property of the open KPZ equation” (arXiv)

  52. [November 4, 2022]     2211.02787 [math.PR]

    Evgeni Dimitrov, Anushka Murthy, “One-point asymptotics for half-flat ASEP” (arXiv)

  53. [November 2, 2022]     2211.01586 [math.CO]

    Ryan Mickler, Alexander Moll, “Spectral theory of the Nazarov-Sklyanin Lax operator” (arXiv)

  54. [October 17, 2022]     2210.09458 [math.PR]

    Amol Aggarwal, Charles Bordenave, Patrick Lopatto, “Mobility Edge of Lévy Matrices” (arXiv)

  55. [October 11, 2022]     2210.05629 [math.PR]

    Yier Lin, Li-Cheng Tsai, “A lower-tail limit in the weak noise theory” (arXiv)

  56. [September 29, 2022]     2209.14957 [math.PR]

    Hoi H. Nguyen, Roger Van Peski, “Universality for cokernels of random matrix products” (arXiv)

  57. [September 26, 2022]     2209.12704 [math.PR]

    Benjamin Landon, Philippe Sosoe, “Tail bounds for the O’Connell-Yor polymer” (arXiv)

  58. [September 22, 2022]     2209.11114 [math.PR]

    Danyil Blyschak, Olivia Burke, Jeffrey Kuan, Dennis Li, Sasha Ustilovsky, Zhengye Zhou, “Orthogonal polynomial duality of a two-species asymmetric exclusion process” (arXiv)

  59. [September 7, 2022]     2209.03531 [math.PR]

    Chiara Franceschini, Jeffrey Kuan, Zhengye Zhou, “Orthogonal polynomial duality and unitary symmetries of multi–species ASEP$(q,\boldsymbolθ)$ and higher–spin vertex models via $^*$–bialgebra structure of higher rank quantum groups” (arXiv)

  60. [September 7, 2022]     2209.03131 [math-ph]

    Guillaume Barraquand, Pierre Le Doussal, “Stationary measures of the KPZ equation on an interval from Enaud-Derrida’s matrix product ansatz representation” (arXiv)

  61. [September 6, 2022]     2209.02643 [math.PR]

    Konstantin Matetski, Jeremy Quastel, Daniel Remenik, “Polynuclear growth and the Toda lattice” (arXiv)

  62. [August 29, 2022]     2208.13580 [math.PR]

    Elia Bisi, Yuchen Liao, Axel Saenz, Nikos Zygouras, “Non-intersecting path constructions for TASEP with inhomogeneous rates and the KPZ fixed point” (arXiv)

  63. [August 25, 2022]     2208.12215 [math.PR]

    Zhipeng Liu, Yizao Wang, “A conditional scaling limit of the KPZ fixed point with height tending to infinity at one location” (arXiv)

  64. [August 24, 2022]     2208.11638 [math.PR]

    Jinho Baik, Andrei Prokhorov, Guilherme L. F. Silva, “Differential equations for the KPZ and periodic KPZ fixed points” (arXiv)

  65. [August 15, 2022]     2208.07434 [math.RT]

    Alexei Borodin, Natasha Rozhkovskaya, “On a super-analog of the Schur-Weyl Duality” (arXiv)

  66. [August 3, 2022]     2208.02381 [math.PR]

    Hao Shen, “A stochastic PDE approach to large N problems in quantum field theory: a survey” (arXiv)

  67. [August 2, 2022]     2208.01507 [math.PR]

    Benjamin Landon, Philippe Sosoe, “Upper tail bounds for stationary KPZ models” (arXiv)

  68. [July 18, 2022]   NSF_FRG   2207.09000 [math.PR]

    Vadim Gorin, Jiaming Xu, “Random sorting networks: edge limit” (arXiv)

  69. [July 8, 2022]     2207.04162 [math.PR]

    Sayan Das, Promit Ghosal, Yier Lin, “Long and short time laws of iterated logarithms for the KPZ fixed point” (arXiv)

  70. [July 5, 2022]     2207.02319 [math.PR]

    Jacopo Borga, Ewain Gwynne, Xin Sun, “Permutons, meanders, and SLE-decorated Liouville quantum gravity” (arXiv)

  71. [June 28, 2022]     2206.14086 [math.PR]

    Jinho Baik, “KPZ limit theorems” (arXiv)

  72. [June 27, 2022]     2206.13622 [math.PR]

    Pierre Yves Gaudreau Lamarre, Promit Ghosal, Yuchen Liao, “Moment Intermittency in the PAM with Asymptotically Singular Noise” (arXiv)

  73. [June 15, 2022]     2206.07320 [math.RT]

    Cesar Cuenca, Grigori Olshanski, “Mackey-type identity for invariant functions on Lie algebras of finite unitary groups and an application” (arXiv)

  74. [June 11, 2022]     2206.05549 [math.PR]

    Li-Cheng Tsai, “Large deviations of the KPZ equation via the Stochastic Airy Operator” (arXiv)

  75. [June 9, 2022]     2206.04660 [math.PR]

    Jacopo Borga, Sayan Das, Sumit Mukherjee, Peter Winkler, “Large deviation principle for random permutations” (arXiv)

  76. [May 31, 2022]   NSF_FRG   2205.15785 [math.PR]

    Vadim Gorin, Jiaoyang Huang, “Dynamical Loop Equation” (arXiv)

  77. [May 21, 2022]     2205.10654 [math.PR]

    Yier Lin, “Classification of Stationary distributions for the stochastic vertex models” (arXiv)

  78. [May 11, 2022]     2205.05670 [math.PR]

    Sayan Das, Weitao Zhu, “Short and long-time path tightness of the continuum directed random polymer” (arXiv)

  79. [May 10, 2022]     2205.05074 [math.PR]

    Morris Ang, Nina Holden, Xin Sun, “The SLE loop via conformal welding of quantum disks” (arXiv)

  80. [May 9, 2022]     2205.04285 [math.PR]

    Sayan Das, Zoe Himwich, Nitya Mani, “A fourth moment phenomenon for asymptotic normality of monochromatic subgraphs” (arXiv)

  81. [April 27, 2022]     2204.12737 [math.PR]

    Hao Shen, Rongchan Zhu, Xiangchan Zhu, “A stochastic analysis approach to lattice Yang–Mills at strong coupling” (arXiv)

  82. [April 23, 2022]     2204.11158 [math.PR]

    Hindy Drillick, Yier Lin, “Hydrodynamics of the $t$-PNG model via a colored $t$-PNG model” (arXiv)

  83. [April 19, 2022]   NSF_FRG   2204.09206 [math.PR]

    Leonid Petrov, “Noncolliding Macdonald walks with an absorbing wall” (arXiv)

  84. [April 12, 2022]     2204.06166 [math.CO]

    Sergei Korotkikh, “Representation theoretic interpretation and interpolation properties of inhomogeneous spin $q$-Whittaker polynomials” (arXiv)

  85. [April 11, 2022]   NSF_FRG   2204.05395 [math.PR]

    Amol Aggarwal, Ivan Corwin, Promit Ghosal, “The ASEP speed process” (arXiv)

  86. [April 7, 2022]     2204.03419 [math.PR]

    Benjamin Landon, Philippe Sosoe, “Almost-optimal bulk regularity conditions in the CLT for Wigner matrices” (arXiv)

  87. [April 1, 2022]     2204.00614 [math.PR]

    Li-Cheng Tsai, “Integrability in the weak noise theory” (arXiv)

  88. [March 23, 2022]     2203.12398 [math.PR]

    Morris Ang, Guillaume Remy, Xin Sun, “The moduli of annuli in random conformal geometry” (arXiv)

  89. [March 22, 2022]     2203.12176 [math.PR]

    Jacopo Borga, Nina Holden, Xin Sun, Pu Yu, “Baxter permuton and Liouville quantum gravity” (arXiv)

  90. [March 22, 2022]     2203.11885 [math.PR]

    Alexei Borodin, Maurice Duits, “Biased $2 \times 2$ periodic Aztec diamond and an elliptic curve” (arXiv)

  91. [March 21, 2022]   NSF_FRG   2203.11037 [math.PR]

    Guillaume Barraquand, Ivan Corwin, “Stationary measures for the log-gamma polymer and KPZ equation in half-space” (arXiv)

  92. [March 13, 2022]     2203.06713 [math.PR]

    Jeffrey Kuan, “Joint $q$-moments and shift invariance for the multi-species $q$-TAZRP on the infinite line” (arXiv)

  93. [March 7, 2022]     2203.03607 [math.PR]

    Sayan Das, Weitao Zhu, “Localization of the continuum directed random polymer” (arXiv)

  94. [March 6, 2022]     2203.03026 [math.PR]

    Evgeni Dimitrov, Hengzhi Zhang, “A global large deviation principle for discrete $β$-ensembles” (arXiv)

  95. [March 5, 2022]     2203.02850 [math.PR]

    Bhaswar B. Bhattacharya, Sayan Das, Somabha Mukherjee, Sumit Mukherjee, “Asymptotic Distribution of Random Quadratic Forms” (arXiv)

  96. [March 1, 2022]     2203.00666 [math.PR]

    Sayan Das, “Temporal increments of the KPZ equation with general initial data” (arXiv)

  97. [February 15, 2022]     2202.07695 [math.PR]

    Axel Saenz, Craig A. Tracy, Harold Widom, “Domain Walls in the Heisenberg-Ising Spin-1/2 Chain” (arXiv)

  98. [February 14, 2022]     2202.06714 [math.PR]

    Arka Adhikari, Benjamin Landon, “Local law and rigidity for unitary Brownian motion” (arXiv)

  99. [February 3, 2022]     2202.01836 [math.PR]

    Ivan Corwin, “Some recent progress on the stationary measure for the open KPZ equation” (arXiv)

  100. [February 1, 2022]     2202.00880 [math.PR]

    Hao Shen, Scott A. Smith, Rongchan Zhu, “A new derivation of the finite $N$ master loop equation for lattice Yang-Mills” (arXiv)

  101. [January 30, 2022]     2201.12941 [math-ph]

    Promit Ghosal, Guilherme L. F. Silva, “Universality for multiplicative statistics of Hermitian random matrices and the integro-differential Painlevé II equation” (arXiv)

  102. [January 28, 2022]   NSF_FRG   2201.12497 [math.PR]

    Matthew Nicoletti, Leonid Petrov, “Irreversible Markov Dynamics and Hydrodynamics for KPZ States in the Stochastic Six Vertex Model” (arXiv)

  103. [January 27, 2022]     2201.11809 [math.PR]

    Andrew Ahn, “Extremal singular values of random matrix products and Brownian motion on GL(N,C)” (arXiv)

  104. [January 21, 2022]     2201.08807 [math.PR]

    A. Gerasimovics, M. Hairer, K. Matetski, “Directed mean curvature flow in noisy environment” (arXiv)

  105. [January 18, 2022]   NSF_FRG   2201.07270 [math.PR]

    Guillaume Barraquand, Mark Rychnovsky, “Random walk on nonnegative integers in beta distributed random environment” (arXiv)

  106. [January 14, 2022]   NSF_FRG   2201.05665 [math-ph]

    Ivan Corwin, Percy Deift, Alexander Its, “Harold Widom’s work in random matrix theory” (arXiv)

  107. [January 10, 2022]     2201.03487 [math.PR]

    Ajay Chandra, Ilya Chevyrev, Martin Hairer, Hao Shen, “Stochastic quantisation of Yang-Mills-Higgs in 3D” (arXiv)

  108. [December 27, 2021]     2112.13728 [math.PR]

    Jeffrey Kuan, Zhengye Zhou, “Three-dimensional Gaussian fluctuations of spectra of overlapping stochastic Wishart matrices” (arXiv)

  109. [December 20, 2021]     2112.10607 [math.PR]

    Pierre Yves Gaudreau Lamarre, Promit Ghosal, Wenxuan Li, Yuchen Liao, “Rigidity of the Stochastic Airy Operator” (arXiv)

  110. [December 13, 2021]     2112.06849 [math.PR]

    Mustazee Rahman, Balint Virag, “Infinite geodesics, competition interfaces and the second class particle in the scaling limit” (arXiv)

  111. [December 7, 2021]   NSF_FRG   2112.03725 [math.PR]

    Roger Van Peski, “$q$-TASEP with position-dependent slowing” (arXiv)

  112. [December 3, 2021]   NSF_FRG   2112.02147 [math.CO]

    Roger Van Peski, “Hall-Littlewood polynomials, boundaries, and $p$-adic random matrices” (arXiv)

  113. [November 3, 2021]     2111.02530 [math.PR]

    Alexei Borodin, Alexey Bufetov, Patrik L. Ferrari, “TASEP with a moving wall” (arXiv)

  114. [September 19, 2021]     2109.09292 [math.PR]

    Lucas Benigni, Pei-Ken Hung, Xuan Wu, “Determinantal structures for Bessel fields” (arXiv)

  115. [September 19, 2021]     2109.09070 [math.PR]

    Gregory Lawler, Xuan Wu, “The Bessel Line Ensemble” (arXiv)

  116. [September 15, 2021]   NSF_FRG   2109.07375 [math.PR]

    Andrew Ahn, Roger Van Peski, “Lyapunov exponents for truncated unitary and Ginibre matrices” (arXiv)

  117. [September 14, 2021]   NSF_FRG   2109.06718 [math.PR]

    Amol Aggarwal, Alexei Borodin, Leonid Petrov, Michael Wheeler, “Free Fermion Six Vertex Model: Symmetric Functions and Random Domino Tilings” (arXiv)

  118. [September 13, 2021]   NSF_FRG   2109.06272 [math.PR]

    Dmitry Chelkak, Benoît Laslier, Marianna Russkikh, “Bipartite dimer model: perfect t-embeddings and Lorentz-minimal surfaces” (arXiv)

  119. [September 1, 2021]     2109.00275 [math.PR]

    Juhan Aru, Nina Holden, Ellen Powell, Xin Sun, “Mating of trees for critical Liouville quantum gravity” (arXiv)

  120. [August 29, 2021]     2108.12874 [math.PR]

    Amol Aggarwal, Jiaoyang Huang, “Edge Statistics for Lozenge Tilings of Polygons, II: Airy Line Ensemble” (arXiv)

  121. [August 25, 2021]     2108.11312 [math.PR]

    Hao Shen, Rongchan Zhu, Xiangchan Zhu, “An SPDE approach to perturbation theory of $Φ^4_2$: asymptoticity and short distance behavior” (arXiv)

  122. [August 19, 2021]     2108.08737 [math.PR]

    Guillaume Barraquand, Shouda Wang, “An identity in distribution between full-space and half-space log-gamma polymers” (arXiv)

  123. [August 17, 2021]     2108.07710 [math.PR]

    Evgeni Dimitrov, Alisa Knizel, “Multi-level loop equations for $β$-corners processes” (arXiv)

  124. [August 17, 2021]     2108.07484 [math.PR]

    Evgeni Dimitrov, Xuan Wu, “Tightness of $(H, H^{RW})$-Gibbsian line ensembles” (arXiv)

  125. [August 12, 2021]   NSF_FRG   2108.06018 [math.PR]

    Amol Aggarwal, Alexei Borodin, Michael Wheeler, “Deformed Polynuclear Growth in $(1+1)$ Dimensions” (arXiv)

  126. [August 8, 2021]     2108.03810 [math.PR]

    Promit Ghosal, Jaeyun Yi, “Fractal Geometry of the Valleys of the Parabolic Anderson Equation” (arXiv)

  127. [July 26, 2021]     2107.12525 [math.ST]

    Daniel Kang, John Guibas, Peter Bailis, Tatsunori Hashimoto, Yi Sun, Matei Zaharia, “Proof: Accelerating Approximate Aggregation Queries with Expensive Predicates” (arXiv)

  128. [July 16, 2021]     2107.07984 [math.PR]

    Konstantin Matetski, Daniel Remenik, “TASEP and generalizations: Method for exact solution” (arXiv)

  129. [July 4, 2021]     2107.01788 [math-ph]

    Morris Ang, Xin Sun, “Integrability of the conformal loop ensemble” (arXiv)

  130. [July 4, 2021]     2107.01718 [math.ST]

    Nabarun Deb, Promit Ghosal, Bodhisattva Sen, “Rates of Estimation of Optimal Transport Maps using Plug-in Estimators via Barycentric Projections” (arXiv)

  131. [July 2, 2021]     2107.01305 [math.ST]

    Zhou Fan, Roy R. Lederman, Yi Sun, Tianhao Wang, Sheng Xu, “Maximum likelihood for high-noise group orbit estimation and single-particle cryo-EM” (arXiv)

  132. [June 24, 2021]     2106.13313 [math.PR]

    Pierre Yves Gaudreau Lamarre, Yier Lin, Li-Cheng Tsai, “KPZ equation with a small noise, deep upper tail and limit shape” (arXiv)

  133. [June 15, 2021]     2106.08052 [math.PR]

    Xuan Wu, “Brownian regularity for the KPZ line ensemble” (arXiv)

  134. [June 15, 2021]     2106.08051 [math.PR]

    Xuan Wu, “Tightness and local fluctuation estimates for the KPZ line ensemble” (arXiv)

  135. [June 14, 2021]     2106.07727 [math.PR]

    Shalin Parekh, “Convergence of ASEP to KPZ with basic coupling of the dynamics” (arXiv)

  136. [June 14, 2021]   NSF_FRG   2106.07589 [math.PR]

    Amol Aggarwal, Vadim Gorin, “Gaussian Unitary Ensemble in random lozenge tilings” (arXiv)

  137. [June 12, 2021]     2106.06913 [math.PR]

    Zhipeng Liu, “When the geodesic becomes rigid in the directed landscape” (arXiv)

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