All publications by FRG participants since January 2017

(tag NSF_FRG = acknowledges the FRG grant support)

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  1. [November 18, 2017]     1711.06939 [math.RT]

    Konstantin Matveev, “Macdonald-positive specializations of the algebra of symmetric functions: Proof of the Kerov conjecture” (arXiv)

  2. [November 17, 2017]     1711.06364 [math.PR]

    Jinho Baik, Ji Oon Lee, “Free energy of bipartite spherical Sherrington–Kirkpatrick model” (arXiv)

  3. [November 14, 2017]     1711.05297 [math.PR]

    Shalin Parekh, “The KPZ Limit of ASEP with Boundary” (arXiv)

  4. [November 2, 2017]     1711.00723 [math.PR]

    Ewain Gwynne, Nina Holden, Xin Sun, “A mating-of-trees approach to graph distances in random planar maps” (arXiv)

  5. [October 9, 2017]   NSF_FRG   1710.03284 [math.PR]

    Jinho Baik, Zhipeng Liu, “Multi-point distribution of periodic TASEP” (arXiv)

  6. [October 6, 2017]   NSF_FRG   1710.02323 [math.PR]

    Patrik L. Ferrari, Peter Nejjar, Promit Ghosal, “Limit law of a second class particle in TASEP with non-random initial condition” (arXiv)

  7. [October 4, 2017]     1710.01709 [math.PR]

    Evgeni Dimitrov, Alisa Knizel, “Log-gases on a quadratic lattice via discrete loop equations and q-boxed plane partitions” (arXiv)

  8. [August 23, 2017]     1708.07052 [math.PR]

    Stefano Olla, Li-Cheng Tsai, “Exceedingly Large Deviations of the Totally Asymmetric Exclusion Process” (arXiv)

  9. [August 19, 2017]   NSF_FRG   1708.05806 [math.PR]

    Michael Damron, Leonid Petrov, David Sivakoff, “Coarsening model on $\mathbb{Z}^d$ with biased zero-energy flips and an exponential large deviation bound for ASEP” (arXiv)

  10. [July 17, 2017]     1707.05386 [math.PR]

    Wei-Kuo Chen, David Gamarnik, Dmitry Panchenko, Mustazee Rahman, “Suboptimality of local algorithms for a class of max-cut problems” (arXiv)

  11. [July 6, 2017]   NSF_FRG   1707.01923 [math.PR]

    Jinho Baik, Guillaume Barraquand, Ivan Corwin, Toufic Suidan, “Facilitated exclusion process” (arXiv)

  12. [July 4, 2017]     1707.01084 [math.CA]

    Andrew Ahn, William Clark, Shahaf Nitzan, Joseph Sullivan, “Density of Gabor Systems Via the Short Time Fourier Transform” (arXiv)

  13. [June 22, 2017]   NSF_FRG   1706.07393 [math.PR]

    Vadim Gorin, Adam W. Marcus, “Crystallization of random matrix orbits” (arXiv)

  14. [May 29, 2017]     1705.10017 [math.PR]

    Amir Dembo, Li-Cheng Tsai, “The Criticality of a Randomly-Driven Front” (arXiv)

  15. [May 19, 2017]     1705.07169 [math.PR]

    Alexey Bufetov, Konstantin Matveev, “Hall-Littlewood RSK field” (arXiv)

  16. [May 16, 2017]     1705.05859 [math.PR]

    Promit Ghosal, “Correlation functions of the Pfaffian Schur process using Macdonald difference operators” (arXiv)

  17. [May 10, 2017]     1705.03576 [math.PR]

    Russel Lyons, Yuval Peres, Xin Sun, “Occupation measure of random walks and wired spanning forests in balls of Cayley graphs” (arXiv)

  18. [May 10, 2017]     1705.03573 [math.PR]

    Yiting Li, Xin Sun, Samuel S. Watson, “Schnyder woods, SLE(16), and Liouville quantum gravity” (arXiv)

  19. [May 4, 2017]     1705.01980 [math.PR]

    Alexei Borodin, Ivan Corwin, “Dynamic ASEP, duality and continuous -Hermite polynomials” (arXiv)

  20. [April 14, 2017]     1704.04309 [math.PR]

    Guillaume Barraquand, Alexei Borodin, Ivan Corwin, Michael Wheeler, “Stochastic six-vertex model in a half-quadrant and half-line open ASEP” (arXiv)

  21. [April 8, 2017]     1704.02499 [math-ph]

    Amol Aggarwal, “Dynamical Stochastic Higher Spin Vertex Models” (arXiv)

  22. [April 8, 2017]     1704.02430 [math.RT]

    Cesar Cuenca, “Pieri Integral Formula and Asymptotics of Jack Unitary Characters” (arXiv)

  23. [April 8, 2017]     1704.02429 [math.RT]

    Cesar Cuenca, “Asymptotic Formulas for Macdonald Polynomials and the boundary of the -Gelfand-Tsetlin graph” (arXiv)

  24. [March 22, 2017]     1703.07503 [math.PR]

    Sevak Mkrtchyan, Leonid Petrov, “GUE corners limit of q-distributed lozenge tilings” (arXiv)

  25. [March 21, 2017]     1703.07180 [math.PR]

    Ivan Corwin, Evgeni Dimitrov, “Transversal fluctuations of the ASEP, stochastic six vertex model, and Hall-Littlewood Gibbsian line ensembles” (arXiv)

  26. [March 10, 2017]     1703.03857 [math.PR]

    Alexei Borodin, Leonid Petrov, “Inhomogeneous exponential jump model” (arXiv)

  27. [February 25, 2017]     1702.07895 [math.PR]

    Vadim Gorin, Mustazee Rahman, “Random sorting networks: local statistics via random matrix laws” (arXiv)

  28. [February 7, 2017]     1702.02043 [math.PR]

    Li-Cheng Tsai, “Stationary Distributions of the Atlas Model” (arXiv)

  29. [January 25, 2017]     1701.07308 [math.PR]

    Promit Ghosal, “Hall-Littlewood-PushTASEP and its KPZ limit” (arXiv)

  30. [January 24, 2017]     1701.07060 [math.RT]

    Cesar Cuenca, “BC Type -measures and Determinantal Point Processes” (arXiv)

  31. [January 23, 2017]     1701.06292 [math.CO]

    Alexei Borodin, Michael Wheeler, “Spin -Whittaker polynomials” (arXiv)

  32. [January 18, 2017]     1701.05239 [math-ph]

    Alexei Borodin, “Symmetric elliptic functions, IRF models, and dynamic exclusion processes” (arXiv)

  33. [January 16, 2017]     1701.04468 [math.PR]

    Jeffrey Kuan, “An algebraic construction of duality functions for the stochastic vertex model and its degenerations” (arXiv)