Integrable Probability Focused Research Group (NSF Grant 2017-2021)

Integrable Probability Focused Research Group (NSF Grant 2017-2021)

Principal Investigators


  • [September 26, 2022] 2209.12704 [math.PR]

    Benjamin Landon, Philippe Sosoe, “Tail bounds for the O’Connell-Yor polymer” (arXiv)

  • [September 22, 2022] 2209.11114 [math.PR]

    Danyil Blyschak, Olivia Burke, Jeffrey Kuan, Dennis Li, Sasha Ustilovsky, Zhengye Zhou, “Orthogonal polynomial duality of a two-species asymmetric exclusion process” (arXiv)

  • [September 7, 2022] 2209.03531 [math.PR]

    Chiara Franceschini, Jeffrey Kuan, Zhengye Zhou, “Orthogonal polynomial duality and unitary symmetries of multi–species ASEP$(q,\boldsymbolθ)$ and higher–spin vertex models via $^*$–bialgebra structure of higher rank quantum groups” (arXiv)

  • [September 7, 2022] 2209.03131 [math-ph]

    Guillaume Barraquand, Pierre Le Doussal, “Stationary measures of the KPZ equation on an interval from Enaud-Derrida’s matrix product ansatz representation” (arXiv)

  • [September 6, 2022] 2209.02643 [math.PR]

    Konstantin Matetski, Jeremy Quastel, Daniel Remenik, “Polynuclear growth and the Toda lattice” (arXiv)

  • [August 29, 2022] 2208.13580 [math.PR]

    Elia Bisi, Yuchen Liao, Axel Saenz, Nikos Zygouras, “Non-intersecting path constructions for TASEP with inhomogeneous rates and the KPZ fixed point” (arXiv)

  • [August 25, 2022] 2208.12215 [math.PR]

    Zhipeng Liu, Yizao Wang, “A conditional scaling limit of the KPZ fixed point with height tending to infinity at one location” (arXiv)

Nonintersecting paths

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