Integrable Probability Focused Research Group (NSF Grant 2017-21/22)

Integrable Probability Focused Research Group (NSF Grant 2017-21/22)

Principal Investigators

New preprints

  • [May 5, 2023] 2305.03723 [math.PR]

    Evgeni Dimitrov, Christian Serio, “Uniform convergence of Dyson Ferrari-Spohn diffusions to the Airy line ensemble” (arXiv)

  • [April 29, 2023] 2305.00321 [math.PR]

    Jeffrey Kuan, Zhengye Zhou, “Asymptotics of two-point correlations in the multi-species q-TAZRP” (arXiv)

  • [April 27, 2023] 2304.14380 [math.PR]

    Yier Lin, Li-Cheng Tsai, “Spacetime limit shapes of the KPZ equation in the upper tails” (arXiv)

  • [April 27, 2023] 2304.14375 [math.PR]

    Li-Cheng Tsai, “High moments of the SHE in the clustering regimes” (arXiv)

  • [April 27, 2023] 2304.14279 [math.PR]

    Sayan Das, Hindy Drillick, Shalin Parekh, “KPZ equation limit of sticky Brownian motion” (arXiv)

  • [April 8, 2023] 2304.04089 [math.PR]

    Cesar Cuenca, Maciej Dołęga, Alexander Moll, “Universality of global asymptotics of Jack-deformed random Young diagrams at varying temperatures” (arXiv)

  • [April 2, 2023] 2304.00707 [math.PR]

    Krishnakumar Balasubramanian, Promit Ghosal, Ye He, “High-dimensional scaling limits and fluctuations of online least-squares SGD with smooth covariance” (arXiv)

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